Board Members

Kaitlyn Toffleson – Board Member

Kaitlyn is a student at University of Colorado, Boulder and the youngest person interviewed for “You Are Not Alone,” NAMI’s first published book by Medical Director, Dr. Ken Duckworth.

Kaitlyn’s board service includes Young Invincibles, Partners for Children’s Mental Health (inaugural) Advisory Council.  Kaitlyn served in a year-long internship with Paving the Path to Wellness and as President of Sources of Strength.  She has lobbied or testified in roles with ACLU, One Colorado, and Young Invincibles.

Kaitlyn has experience as a high school peer support counselor as well as a NAMI 2022 Conference Workshop Presenter, co-Author of The Teen Lifestyle Medicine Handbook, and keynote presenter for First Annual Mental Health Walk for the Thompson School District and co-presenter for National Alliance of Youth Sports Conference Presentation.

Some of the things that most excite Kaitlyn about NAMI’s work is that it is focused on both helping those that are in recovery, and it also helps establish safety nets and advocate for better preliminary care to hopefully prevent people from getting to the point of crisis.