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The NAMI Colorado Law Line

The NAMI Colorado Law Line


The NAMI Colorado Law Line has been in existence for nearly a decade!  Managing Attorney Marilyn Robertson along with  other volunteer licensed attorneys have made this FREE one time phone consultation available to the mental health community.  They have served thousands of individuals in the state of Colorado struggling with a mental health condition or family member(s)/friends struggling trying to cope and help someone with a mental health disorder. 

This service provides a FREE and confidential telephone consultation by a licensed attorney. Below are the following areas of law our attorneys specialize in:

  • Involuntary Civil Commitment ( 72 hour holds without the consent of the individual and certifications)
  • Criminal Law (helps either a family member/friend or the individual living with a mental health disorder charged with or convicted of a criminal offense understand the criminal justice system and its process.)
  • Trust and Estate Law, Special Needs Planning, Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • SSI and SSDI cases and Family Law (Denver, Adams, Jeffco, and Arapahoe Counties only)
  • Immigration Law (Someone with a mental illness that has been discriminated against because they are from a different country)
  • Employment Law (Someone with a mental illness that has been discriminated against in the workplace)
  • Special Education (Someone with a mental illness that has been discriminated against that has special needs)

If you have mental health concerns about yourself, a family member or friend, call us weekdays from 10am to 4pm at (303) 321-3104 and your call will be answered by our Helpdesk. From there we will conduct a brief screening to make sure someone from our legal team is the fit right for you and your case.

                                  We look forward to serving you! 

   We CANNOT provide assistance with the following legal matters:
Worker’s Compensation
General malpractice/Personal injury
Legal action against a company, corporation, police, hospital etc.
Take legal proceedings to court
Housing or financial assistance
Out of state issues
Assistance filling out forms
Any issue or problem not directly related to your disability