Staff Members

  1. David Garrity – Volunteer Engagement Coordinator/Social Media/Database Manager

David is the Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at the NAMI Colorado state office. He is also active answering phone calls for the Helpline and the NAMI Law Line which was re-introduced to Colorado back in July 2017. David handles all of NAMI Colorado’s social media endeavors and is an active advocate for mental illness. David is an active “In Our Own Voice” presenter, Connections Facilitator, State Trainer and Pa certified Peer-to-Peer trainer. He also helped to spearhead the NAMIWalks campaign from 2018 and 2020 in addition to playing drums with his band during the event. He is an ordained minister and holistic energy practitioner in addition to being an artist and musician. David was diagnosed 6 years ago with Complex PTSD, Dissociation Disorder and severe depression. In addition, he had a 9 lb. thymoma tumor removed from his chest 4 years ago. Since that time, he has battled back and joined NAMI as a part-time employee in February 2017. He is passionate about helping people get well and live a life of their choosing instead of being hopelessly saddled with trauma and mental illness. He loves writing stories, poems and screenplays as well as playing music in 2 bands. Contact David at