Board Members

Andrea Rojas – Member at Large – Crisis Community Clinician

Andrea Rojas – Member at Large – Crisis Community ClinicianA native of Bogota Columbia, Andrea Rojas came to the U.S. with a full golf scholarship in 2006. Andrea earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern Nazarene University in Deland, Florida and now pursuing her Doctor of Psychology degree online from Southern California University. Andrea’s diverse experiences encompass the treatment of eating disorders, addictions, depression, autism, anger management, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD and other personality disorders. Currently, Andrea is a crisis community based clinician for Tennyson Center for Children working in families homes, schools and in the community in crisis situations. Previously, she worked as a juvenile delinquency clinician visiting juvenile’s homes where she was able to implement different innovative techniques to help them with different maladaptive behaviors.

Andrea has 7 years experience as an Eating Disorder Therapist working with people who struggle with mental health, eating disorders and substance abuse in an inpatient level. She is also a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner and opened her private practice Lone Tree Hypnosis LLC and uses hypnotherapy for a variety of treatments including motivation, smoking cessation, weight loss, reducing anxiety, depression and stress, substance abuse, eating disorders as well as healing and performance modalities for professional athletes.

Andrea is developing recordings on hypnosis in English and Spanish to the public on ways to improve motivation, spirituality, self-esteem, body language and image and stress and anxiety reduction. She has created “Glow” where she promotes healthy living using psychology and dance that helps to connect the mind and body with the goal to empower women and promote positive body image and self-esteem. Andrea has been featured on television and radio giving talks about mental health topics, especially in the Hispanic Community. She is also developing her own Estrella T.V. show exclusively to educate the Hispanic Community on positive mental health, and has been a dedicated proponent of funding her projects.