This is a brief breakdown of what your donations do for the NAMI Non Profit Organization. 

Financial support from our Sponsors as well as the Community at Large cannot be underestimated. 

We need your help not only to keep our programs free, but to also spread the 

word throughout our communities and help stomp out the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Will you help us?

$100 Supports 5 members for the NAMIWalks 5K campaign

$250 Supports 1 week of support via the NAMI Helpline and the NAMI Law Line

$500 Provides 1 NAMI Peer to Peer volunteer educator

$500 Provides education materials to 5 NAMI Family to Family participants

$1000 Provides 2 NAMI In Our Own Voice volunteer presenters to help educate the community

$1000 Educates 10 people on how to navigate mental illness

$2000 Provides training for 3 volunteer NAMI Ending the Silence educators

$2000 Provides training for 3 volunteer facilitators for 3 NAMI Connections facilitators

$5000 Provides training class for 5 NAMI Basics educators