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With the recent pandemic Covid-19 crisis looming large over our collective conscious, it has been very difficult to 

know just how NAMI Colorado is going to pull off a 5k Walk, virtually. We have had several Walks meetings discussing this at large, 

and we have only been able to come up with a handful of ideas.There is however, one idea that has struck a chord with us and that 

idea had us going into our souls to ask ourselves why do we walk a 5k for mental health rain or shine? 

Why do so many people sponsor, contribute, donate, volunteer and otherwise spend so much time thinking 

about mental illness? And the question still persists...

"Why do I walk?"

What we've learned about walking for mental illness, is a starting point to taking a proactive approach to our health. 

Our mental health. If everyone did this, we could perhaps change the current paradigm overnight. So for NAMIWalks this year 

as a suggestion, might be to ask ourselves the question...

“Why do I walk?” 

What we're asking of NAMIWalks participants this May 30th, is that you submit a video to us (a minute long maximum) as to why you 

walk for mental health and why it is paramount to you to do so especially during these most challenging of times.

Please send your videos to info@namicolorado.org. If you would like, we can show your videos on our social media pages.

Please give it some thought, and we look forward to hearing from you!