The Depressed Cake Shop 

sells beautiful baked goods, donated by local bakers in order to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide a platform 

for discussion, community, education and awareness. When a baker becomes involved with the Depressed Cake 

Shop, there is only one requirement; that the baked goods you donate have an element of gray to signify the gray cloud that can descend 

over a beautiful world when someone is struggling with mental health issues. This particular pop-up will be raising funds 

to support National Alliance on Mental Illness for our local state (NAMI Colorado).


We welcome any type of donated baked good, and our shops have become a wonderful and curated collection ranging from 

professional bakers with store fronts, to licensed home bakers, to people who bake as a hobby and just want to be involved. We ask that 

you avoid using nuts as so many people are seriously allergic to them. Other than that, you can make a cake to be sold in its 

entirety or by the slice, cake pops, cupcakes, or cookies. Some people have made custom marshmallows, ‘misfortune cookies,’ pies, chocolate covered Oreos. 

The only limit is your imagination!

If you’d like some inspiration, please visit our website or 
Facebook page, www.depressedcakeshop.com

fb: @depressedcakeshop. Also, attached is a one-sheet of press coverage and some 

baked goods from past pop-ups. It is also very helpful if you provide us 

with a list of ingredients, the type and flavor of your item and alsoa fun name if you can think of one. 

We welcome vegan and gluten free items as well! Our customers often request them and it is great to be 

able to offer that option. We would love for you to partake in our event! If you have any further questions, please 

do not hesitate to contact me at: SylverlineAgomah@creighton.edu.



Sylver Agomah

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