2018 NAMI Colorado Events Calendar

Millions of American’s lives are impacted daily by mental health conditions. As a way to show support for these people NAMI participates in several annual mental health awareness events. Participating in a local or national NAMI event is a great way for you to help increase people’s understanding of the complexity of mental illness. Through these events we can expel myths, educate the public and show support for the many people affected by mental health that are working to improve their lives.

CONGRATULATIONS!  To the Spring 2019 In Our Own Voice Graduating Class! We here at NAMI Colorado are so pleased to announce the graduation of our Spring IOOV Class. They worked hard both with sweat and effort to accomplish this very high distinction.  Once again, "We're proud of you and your commitment to the mental health community /family that we call NAMI. And your willingness to carry the torch of recovery and hope! Welcome to the Team!

From Left to right (back row) Bobby Straus, Darryl Brown, Rachel Garrett, Sheila Benintendi (State Trainer), Anginet Page, Dori Rinehart, Anna Wadsworth  From Left to right (front row) Mary Maldonado, Leann Lu. Not shown Kat Atwell, Linda Rinehart (State Trainer)