Walker Resources

We rely on our wonderful Team Captains and Walkers to make NAMIWalks a huge success.

Our programs are offered for free because of the hard work you do to raise money and awareness.

We're here to make it fun and easy to raise funds.  Below are some resources to get you started.

You can also reach out to the NAMI Colorado office for more help:  303-321-3104 or info@namicolorado.org


So I Signed Up To Be A Team Captain . . Now What?
NAMIWalks Fundraising Guide
50 Contacts in 5 Minutes
Creative Fundraising Ideas
Team T-shirts
Off-line Donation Tracking Form

Navigate The NAMIWalks Website

How to update your personal page
How to enter offline donations
How to personalize your URL and update your goal
How to make your donations appear on your page