With the current costs of what it takes to keep a Not For Profit entity like NAMI Colorado sustainable, moving forward and continuing to provide free programs to individuals and families all around our state, it is more important than ever to help keep donations coming through as it is what we depend upon for our survival.

With health care costs skyrocketing, the toll that mental illness takes on families, friends, loved ones and even business is through the roof. It is estimated that serious mental illness costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year.15 (Insel, T.R. (2008). Assessing the Economic Costs of Serious Mental Illness. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 165(6), 663-665)

NAMI Colorado receives gifts through cash, check, or credit card.  

Your support assists NAMI Colorado to facilitate the growth of the no cost education programs and support services throughout the state of Colorado and to build communities of recovery and hope by educating, supporting, and advocating for those affected by mental illness and their families.

Please contact NAMI Colorado at 303-321-3104 or info@namicolorado.org with any questions.


For credit card donations, go online to www.ColoradoGives.org. 

The ColoradoGives website provides the opportunity for you to choose how your donation will be used. You may choose to support a specific NAMI program, specify it be used to honor someone or in memory of someone, or used in ways that will help fulfill NAMI CO's mission.


You can make checks payable to:

NAMI Colorado

3333 S. Bannock St., Suite 430

Englewood, CO. 80110

Attention: Athena Kabylafkas (Bookkeeper)


NAMI Colorado also accepts publicly traded shares of stock, bonds and shares in mutual funds. We ask that you consult with your financial advisor to asses the potential sale to benefit NAMI Colorado.  If you have questions, please contact Cheri Bishop at 303-321-3104 or email Cheri at cheri@namicolorado.org.

Shop For NAMI Colorado

Who doesn't shop on Amazon?

Now, when you purchase items on Amazon you can select NAMI Colorado as your designated charity and 5% of your purchase will be donated to NAMI Colorado.

Go to

Workplace Giving

NAMI Colorado is a partner with Community Health Charities in Colorado. As an employee in the Federal, State, City and County government entities, you have the opportunity to support NAMI Colorado.

Use these codes: 
CFC: 27198
CCC: 0907


You could double or triple your contribution! Many companies will match charitable gifts. Talk to your employer's Human Resources department.

Memorials and Honorariums

Honorarium gifts can be a unique way to celebrate birthday, graduations, weddings, or other holidays. Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. Click below to donate your honorarium gift: 


You can also send a check or money order made out to:

NAMI Colorado 
3333 S. Bannock St, Suite 430
Englewood, CO 80110  

Attention: Athena Kabylafkas

Please designate on your check or money order what type of donation you are making (Honorarium or Memorial) and the name of 

the person you are honoring or memorializing with your donation. Also send the complete address of the person(s) you are honoring or 

memorializing so NAMI Colorado can send the individual or family an acknowledgement of your gift.