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Why I Walk

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Six years ago, my son committed suicide at age 49 as a result of bipolar disorder.  He had shown symptoms for many years that we had not understood, but then the doctors and psychologists had also failed to understand his challenge until it was too late and his life was a shambles.

In the wake of his death, my wife and I had many questions and few answers.  We looked around for resources and some friends of ours who had also lost a son to suicide suggested we do the NAMI Family-to-Family course.  We did the 12 week course and it helped to answer many of our questions and put us on the path to recovering from our loss

As we continued our studies about mental illness we discovered that the NAMI programs like Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer,  Connections and others filled a gap in the evidence-based therapies that helped people to find recovery and hope when they are living with mental illness.

I discovered that stigma and ignorance were barriers that kept many people living with mental illness from finding recovery.  My hope is that by joining with hundreds of others in the NAMIWALK we can help people to become aware of mental illness and come to an understanding that it is possible to find recovery and hope.

I want to help NAMI to connect with as many people as we can, to provide the support and encouragement that is such an important part of successfully living with mental illness.

--Michael Stein

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