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A Passion for Fighting Stigma

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Hello.  My name is Amanda Stettenbenz and I am thirty-two years old.  Why is my age important?  Even at age twenty-five, I didn’t think I would make it to thirty.  I am diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, and ADHD but I am so much more than that.  I am a mother to an amazing eleven-year-old daughter, I am a pet owner, and I am getting married later this summer.
    Mental health issues have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  In fact, my first suicide attempt was at age seven.  When I was manic, I was talkative, the life of the party, I was fun.  When I was depressed, I thought I could not go on anymore, I had a hard time getting out of bed, and I thought I was a burden to everyone around me.  I also was a cutter and took handfuls of pills, just to make myself sick.
    My teens and twenties, were a huge struggle.  Through many circumstances, I got help at twenty-five.  I learned everything I could and took advantage of every opportunity thrown my way.  Now, I am a fierce advocate for mental health rights and fighting stigma. 
    My passion for fighting stigma, eventually lead me to In Our Own Voices and I knew I had to sign up for this program.  I believe the only way to fight stigma is for people to talk about mental health and to normalize it.  I notice that when I do these presentations, that so many people are touched by mental health issues and that people are generally open to hear what I have to say.  I love the format and how we end on such a positive (and my favorite part) note.  Doing In Our Voices presentations, it always reminds me how far I have come and how far I would still like to go.  I hope to fight stigma, one In Our Own Voice presentation at a time.


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