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Furthering Recovery Through IOOV

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Fear and trepidation swelled up from my stomach when I was asked to speak at a lock down facility in Denver. I sat down and practiced my mindfulness training to find the source of my fear.  Thoughts surfaced into my brain like, "Will this remind me of my personal experience with hospitals?", "How will the audience react to our message?" I decided I would do this to further my own recovery and hope I can help others in theirs.

I was surprised how many people showed up.  Over 15 individuals were attentive, engaging and supportive.  The questions they asked were unique and well thought out.  At the end of the program both the staff and the consumers thanked us repeatedly for coming.  In fact, because of that experience, I am now facilitating 2 groups a week for them.  IOOV continues to be one of the highlights of my life and recovery.  Thank you NAMI.

--Jeff Zinn

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