NAMI Colorado Staff

Sarah Mooney - Executive Director 


Sarah brings over 30 years of non-profit experience to the position of Executive Director for NAMI Colorado. Sarah is a Colorado native and has worked most of her life ensuring that all Coloradans have access to the opportunities that make life meaningful. Prior to joining the NAMI family in May of 2017, Sarah worked for the Nature Conservancy, Jefferson County Open Space, Bluff Lake Nature Center, 9Health Fair, the Clear Lake Historical Society and Environmental Learning for Kids. Sarah holds a BA and MA in political science and has been active in politics since high school. “Inspiring people to take action for the things they believe in” has been a motivating philosophy for Sarah throughout her life. Sarah comes to NAMI after experiencing mental illness, the stigmas that still exist regarding diseases of the brain, and the lack of support and advocates for those living with mental illness. She comes to NAMI with hope that mental illness will be looked at as part of the “human condition” rather than something that separates us from one another. Contact Sarah at


Cheri Bishop - Director of Programs


Cheri discovered NAMI Colorado in 1999 when her 21-yr. old son became ill with schizophrenia.  She felt NAMI saved her son’s life and wanted to give back by helping other families living with mental illness. In 1999, she took the Family-to-Family teacher training, the first one ever offered in Colorado. Seventeen years later she is still teaching Family-to-Family and is now a state trainer for the program.  She also facilitates a NAMI family support group twice a month. In 2004 she was hired by NAMI Colorado for the position of Family-to-Family and Colorado Visions Coordinator, and was soon managing 9 NAMI Signature programs and 2 NAMI CO programs. Cheri has 2 sons, 43 yrs. and 37 yrs., and a 20-yr. old granddaughter diagnosed with mental illness. Her passion lies in assisting and supporting families and individuals living with mental illness and providing them with the knowledge that there is hope for recovery.  Contact Cheri at



David Garrity - Helpline Coordinator


David was diagnosed 4 years ago with Complex PTSD and severe depression. In addition, he had a 9 lb. thymoma tumor removed from his chest 3 years ago. Since that time, he has battled back and is now a trained IOOV presenter, a co-facilitator for the Denver affiliate NAMI Connections Recovery Support Group, as well as a State Trainer for the Connection program. He is also helping to spearhead the NAMIWalks campaign in 2018, as well as becoming the Volunteer Director. He is also an ordained minister and wholistic energy practitioner. He is passionate about helping people get well and live a life of their choosing instead of feeling saddled with trauma and mental illness. He loves writing stories, poems and screenplays as well as playing music in 2 bands. He currently works part time at the NAMI Helpline and Law Line. Contact David at



Max Maddox - Resources Coordinator

Max is our new In Our Own Voice Coordinator and Law Line Coordinator, while also focusing on our Colorado behavioral health resources in service of our Helpline. Max also aims to involve peers in a cooperative effort to change public perceptions of mental illness by exhibiting the myriad ways peers uniquely contribute to the community. Max has been an IOOV presenter since 2012, and is co-author of the 2014 memoir Walks on the Margins, A Story of Bipolar Illness. Max is an artist with a B.A. in Philosophy from Grinnell College and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. While learning to be an effective advocate, he spends every moment he can muster working on his art.  Contact Max at